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Wie Nerd bist du?

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42.857142857142854% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

Haben wollen

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Zur Not eben keinen Volvo:

Sehr geschickter Werbespot

Friday, January 23rd, 2004 | Internet gucken | No Comments – Pepsi ads wink at music downloading

Nice Tits

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»We hope you enjoy viewing our splendid collection of tits. – The Royal Tit-Watching Society of Britain is the oldest of the British Tit-Watching Societies. The society was formed in 1824, by Lord Roylott of Stoke Moran, Surrey.« [Industrial Technology & Witchcraft]

Visiting Libertopia: The Magical Power of Property

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This is part of my series on the problems with libertarianism. This piece only applies to those libertarians who believe in “intellectual property”.

I visited Libertopia one day to see how they were doing. I met a smart fellow named Bluejean, and we ducked into a cafe and discussed how Libertopia had addressed some of our pressing political issues.

Aaron: So back in the States we’re having a big argument about whether the government should control the sale of guns or not.

Bluejean: Hah, you silly Americans! In Libertopia we’d never allow the government to restrict our freedoms like that.

Aaron: Oh, I see. So anyone can just go to a store and buy a gun without any waiting period or background check?

Bluejean: Yep, pretty much.

Aaron: I’m surprised. Can you show me one of these stores?

Bluejean: Well, there aren’t really any around…

Aaron: Oh, why not?

Bluejean: Well, we support strong property rights here in Libertopia (the government shouldn’t interfere with something as important as property) so all the different gun inventions are owned. When we first started, the government held an auction to decide who would get the inventions, and Gil bought all the gun-related ones. Well, Gil turned out to be a little paranoid, so he enforced his property rights to get back all existing guns and ensure no more were ever created. So really you can only get a gun if you’re a friend of Gil.

Aaron: What?! That’s worse than our system! At least in the States we vote on whether to allow guns or not, but here it’s all up to Gil!

Bluejean: Hey, it’s his property. As Locke said, “The great and chief end, therefore, of men’s uniting into commonwealths, and putting themselves under government, is the preservation of their property.”

Aaron: Doesn’t anyone protest this? I mean, surely Libertopia has freedom of speech.

Bluejean: Of course! Our government can’t tell us what to say and what not to.

Aaron: So why don’t you take out an ad in the newspapers?

Bluejean: Gil owns all the newspapers. And the radio stations. And the TV networks.

Aaron: Well, what about the Internet?

Bluejean: Well, Gil could sue you for defamation.

Aaron: You have defamation law? I thought you said the government didn’t restrict speech.

Bluejean: Well, it’s not a silly defamation law like in the US where we tell people what they can’t say for their own good. It’s just that Gil has a property right in what people say about him, you can’t infringe on it without his permission.

Aaron: But that’s worse!

Bluejean: Hey, “The Libertarian way is […] based on the moral principle of self-ownership.” (source) There’s nothing more important than protecting one’s property right in themself!

Aaron: Don’t you see? Your country is a police state, they’ve just bamboozled you by calling it property instead of government regulation. But your freedoms are being taken away all the same.

Bluejean: That’s nonsense. No one could take away our freedoms in Libertopia. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to go pay Gil for having this conversation.

Aaron: Huh?

Bluejean: Oh, this cafe is owned by Gil — he has listening devices overhead and he charges whenever someone uses his name in conversation.

Bluejean walks off.

Aaron: But what about privacy? And free speech? And …

Aaron sits there amazed, until a waiter comes by and informs him it’s past Gil’s curfew and he must get home quickly. [Aaron Swartz]

Pias Geschenk ist da

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Pia hat mir ein Päckchen geschickt! Und darin ist das weisse Schaf, passend zum anderen (natürlich schwarzen). Und ein wunderschönes Photo von ihr, ausserdem noch ein paar Kerzen, Schokolade und eine Blume. Marion bemerkte recht treffen, wer ein schwarzes Schaf ist, der muss ja auf jeden Fall schon mal Schaf geworden sein. Und Pia, ja, ich habe mich sehr gefreut. Wirklich. Ehrlich. Ich liebe dich.

Geburtstagsbeute Nr. 1

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Einen schönen Geburtstag habe ich gestern gefeiert. Es waren (fast) alle netten Leute da und die Kuuml;che sah traumhaft schön aus. Es gab noch eine kleine Diskussion mit Burkhard uuml;ber den Boden, aber wir hoffen einfach mal, das er sich mit Böden nicht auskennt.
Unter anderem habe ich ein Buch von E. H. Gombrich bekommen, Die Geschichte der Kunst. Ein tolles Buch! Danke auch an Christine und Holger fuuml;r so ein schönes Geschenk. Ausserdem gab es noch eine Kuuml;chenwaage, 2 Muuml;hlen, ein Backbuch, eine sehr schöne Lampe und eine Muuml;hle, mit gemahlenem Kaffee (?). Da hat wohl jemand die falschen Bohnen gekauft… Marion hat mir ein Firewirekabel geschenkt (6 auf 6), das hat mich auch gefreut. Ausserdem gab es noch ein paar Blumen, von Janne und Burkhard sogar rosa Acaleen (schreibt man die so?), sehr passend zur Kuuml;che (Die Kaffeemuuml;hle ist übrigens auch leicht fliederfarben). Emi schenkte mir ein T-Shirt in XXXL. Kein Kompliment, sie liest wohl meine täglichen Gewichtsangaben nicht. Ts, ts, ts.


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