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Und weil’s so schön ist: Die Begründung der EBU:

It was with great expectation that the “birth” of the new Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) logo was being anticipated. Saturday the 24th of Janurary finally was the big day: The Turkish TV channel TRT revealed the secret in Istanbul, the venue of the ESC 2004, during the TV show “Saysal Gece”.

Dressed in t-shirts with the national flags of the countries who form the ESC membership, the childrens’ and youth’s choir of TRT promoted the ideas of tolerance and international understanding with none less than the John Lennon-classic “Imagine”. During the choir’s performance, the new ESC logo was introduced to the world.

From 2004 on, the time of yearly changing logos for the ESC is history. Only the national themes of the member countries will vary in addition to the official logo.

The new logo: It is accepting an almost 50-year-old inheritance within the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) family.And this makes binding values take centre stage: The ESC is a cult event uniting old and young, men and women, all cultures and religions. It is THE European TV competition, a modern classic charged with emotions and often crowned with a surprising outcome.

It is up to the new logo to transport all of this … and these high expectations have not been disappointed. The new logo has a heart for the ESC. In it, Europe blends with the emotions the event stirs up afresh every year. The universally understood symbol of the heart, standing for deep emotions, is filled with the member countries’ flags. These latter ones hold great meaning for the ESC anyway: Because how could you back your star and your country any better than with flags and banners forming a sea of support at the grand finale.

The vitality of the event, its unbroken vibrancy, is symbolised by the logo’s typography (for insiders: “brushstroke”). Its possible field of application as well as its scope for design is unlimited.What they have in common is that from now on, the logo is going to give the ESC a clear identitiy to be transported from year to year.

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