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Ich setze das Blog gerade auf WordPress 1.5 um. Auch das Kubrick-Design wird wieder verschwinden; wobei ich betonen möchte, dass ich die Arbeit für dieses Theme sehr schätze.

Dies wird langsam ins neue Design übergehen. Also erwartet nicht viel mehr :) . Das Design ist von Jeff Wheeler, die Fehler sind von mir. Es kann ein paar Probleme mit dem Kommentieren geben, ich bin noch gerade dabei, die Spamfilter neu zu justieren. Ich gehe da ein wenig unter, zum Glück muss ich den Traffic nicht bezahlen.

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23. March 2005

sieht im omniweb, mac osx, super aus. seitenaufbau ist sehr schnell

Jeff Wheeler
25. March 2005

(sorry, I don’t speak your language, but I’m sure you understand English)

I would like to thank you for using my theme, and linking to me. I would like to note that the footer exists for a reason. As it is now, the footer is collapsed and the divider reaches to the bottom, and the curves are no longer curvey.

I’m also curious as to the ease of translating this theme. Was it more difficult or easy than other themes you have tried?

Malte Diedrich
25. March 2005

Hey Jeff, thanks for your comment and for your design. The sentence linking to you translates as: “The Design is made by Jeff Wheeler, mistakes are mine.” As soon as my real life issues are sorted out (girlfriends birthday) I will keep on working on this design, so the footer will return and you will get a link within the sidebar
Translating was harder, epecially translating the comments (“No comments, 1 comment, 2 comments”). I ended up editing template-functions-comment.php in wp-includes. Also the dates needed editing, since the php-function there used the english date function (1st, 2nd, …) that won’t look good in german.
When downloading the design onto my server I noticed that the coding is Mac, so I had to change the line-encoding to Unix with the mac2unix command.
When using Omniweb, I can’t link to your site, it downloads as a html file.
Oh and my friends hate you, since I read out every joke in the css aloud. But don’t worry about it :)

Jeff Wheeler
25. March 2005

The CSS is fun, but I can understand their hate for me. Thanks for the heads-up on my site too, it seems that bug is not just for IE (application/xhtml+xml headers). Thanks for adding my link too, but no rush.

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